Our Team

Australian Professional Shopfitters has a team of 40 full time highly qualified staff (office and factory combined).  All staff are trained and certified within their chosen fields and have extensive industry knowledge.  Our team and sub-contractors understand the quality and service expectations that Australian Professional Shopfitters stands by and all are committed to achieving these goals.

Ken Miller (Managing Director) is the sole director and shareholder of the company.  Ken started Australian Professional Shopfitters in 1990 and has been the driving force behind the business ever since.  Ken has developed personal relationships with all our clients and is always available for consultation.  Ken also meets with his team weekly to ensure that the business is running smoothly and is integral in the decision-making process. Ken was also the Victorian President of ASOFIA in 2009/2010 and is still actively involved as a current member.

Our Project Management Team are highly skilled, trade qualified, long term employees with over 25 years’ experience and have all contributed to award winning projects.  Our project team have undertaken a variety of fit outs to ensure high levels of productivity and consistency across the business.

Andrew Leonard heads up our Production Department which looks after all design (setting out), purchasing of materials and supplies required by the factory.  He also liaises closely with our Factory foreman in relation to manufacture of joinery and our installation crews on site.  As we also own a fleet of trucks, the production team also handles the co-ordination of all despatch.

Of course each of our departments is well supported by our administration team who provide any assistance for any tasks that are required to be dealt with. The team are multi skilled and have over 30 years’ combined experience at Australian Professional Shopfitters.

Australian Professional Projects is our Queensland Based Division who are working in conjunction with the Melbourne Team to achieve excellence in shopfitting.